Cromo N B Milan Italy Jesus with a Child w/Gold Framed PictureZoom

Cromo N B Milan Italy Jesus with a Child w/Gold Framed Picture

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Cromo NB, Milan, Italy Catholic Wall Art Work Jesus with a Child Gold Framed Picture

These beautiful pieces of Christian wall art work come exclusively from the Studios of Cromo NB Studio, Milan, Italy. Each picture has a lovely 13 x 17 linen print and is under glass in an antique gold wood frame with linen liner. There are several subjects including authentic reproduction from the originals of religious artists. Cromo N.B. Milan, Italy is recognized as the foremost publisher of Fine Religious Art. Cromo N.B. is home to the world's renowned top religious artists including - Simeone! Cromo today is the leading producer and designer for the world market for Greeting Cards, Holy Prayer Cards and Religious Print Pictures. In addition to the Religious Art line Cromo N.B. also possesses one of the biggest library of designs for Greeting Cards including humor, every day, baptism, birth cards, communion, confirmation and wedding announcements. Print Size: 13 x 17 Overall Size with Frame: 16 x 20
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