Handmade Swarovski Crystal Wire-Wrapped the Chaplet of the Crucifixion by Heavenly DivineZoom

Handmade Swarovski Crystal Wire-Wrapped the Chaplet of the Crucifixion by Heavenly Divine

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Swarovski Crystal the Chaplet of the Crucifixion

This beautiful handcrafted Chaplet of the Crucifixion is designed with the highest quality Austrian crystal beads and constructed in solid sterling silver. The beads are designed with 6mm Siam Swarovski crystal beads with sterling silver Bali style bead caps. The crucifix and crucifix medal are both hand-cast in sterling silver. This stunning Chaplet of the Crucifixion is hand wire-wrapped with solid sterling silver wire and measures 12 long. All of our sterling silver medals, centerpieces and crucifixes are replicated from antique and contemporary devotional medals and are produced in the USA

Beads caps are no longer available and will be substituted. If bead caps are not available they will be substituted.

All handmade Rosaries, Pocket Rosaries and Chaplets are guaranteed against breakage for life. This wire wrapped chaplet is not pre-made and can take 7 to 14 days to make. Please email me if you need your rosary by a specific date.

All handmade Rosaries and Chaplets will come in a complimentary cardboard gift box. You will also receive a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary and vinyl zippered carrying case or cloth carrying pouch.

How to pray the Chaplet of the Crucifixion

God and gentle Jesus, I kneel before you. I see and ponder your five wounds; engrave on me this image of yourself. Fulfill the yearning of my heart and give me faith, hope, and love, repentance for my sins, and true conversions of life.

Lord Jesus Christ crucified, Son of the most holy Virgin Mary, open your Sacred Heart, that seat of love and mercy, and receive mine into it: make it wholly Yours and hear my prayers and grant my Petitions. Amen.

Say three Our Father Prayer

Three Hail Mary Prayer

And Glory be.
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