Handmade Heavenly Divine Onyx Irish Penal Wire-Wrapped One Decade RosaryZoom

Handmade Heavenly Divine Onyx Irish Penal Wire-Wrapped One Decade Rosary

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Handmade Heavenly Divine Onyx Irish Penal Wire-Wrapped One Decade Rosary

This gorgeous handmade Irish Penal one-decade rosary is made with black onyx gemstone beads with bronze construction. The stunning Irish Penal crucifix is hand cast in bronze, from antique rosary parts and measures two inches. The Celtic rosary ring is hand-cast in bronze and measures 1 1/8in. This stunning heirloom pocket rosary measures about 13-1/2in long and is wire-wrapped with heavy bronze wire. The lovely Hail Mary beads are 8mm black onyx gemstones and each bead is wire-wrapped with bronze wire. The Our Father bead is designed with 4mm and an 8mm onyx beads with solid bronze bead caps. The elegant accent links are crafted with 4mm onyx gemstone and hand-cast bronze beads.

All of our bronze medals, centerpieces, bead cap, bead spacers and crucifixes are replicated from antique and contemporary devotional medals and are produced in the USA. All gemstones are natural may vary in size and color. If bead caps are not available they will be substituted.

This one decade rosary is also available in Bronze or Sterling Silver. All handmade Rosaries, Pocket Rosaries and Chaplets are guaranteed against breakage. Wire wrapped rosaries are not pre-made and can take up to 1-2 weeks depending on the season. Please email me if you need your rosary by a specific date.

All handmade Rosaries and Chaplets will come in a complimentary cardboard gift box. You will also receive a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary and vinyl zippered carrying case or cloth carrying pouch.

The Irish Penal rosary is a one-decade rosary used in Ireland during the religious persecution between 1540 -1731. The crucifix is elongated so one can conceal it in ones hand or sleeve. The ring is placed on the thumb and moved to each finger as each decade of the rosary was prayed.

The symbols on the crucifix:

Halo: Crown of Thorns

Hammer: Nails of the Cross

Nails: Crucifixion

Ladder: Carrying down His body from the cross.

Spear: Piercing the Side of Christ Wound

Cords: Scourging at the Pillar

Chalice: Last Supper

Rooster: Crowning & Resurrection
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