Male Patron Saint Gifts C-D

Index of Catholic Male Patron Saints Protectors and Namesakes C-D

A Male Catholic Patron Saints from St Camillus of Lellis to St Dunstan are one who has been appoint by the Vatican as special guardian of a country, church, trade, person, etc. They are heroic figures that lived virtues lives despite the difficult circumstances they might have dealt with during their lives. There are hundreds of patron saints, protector and namesake that are great Christian role models for us today.

St Camillus of Lellis Patron Saint of Hosiptals and Against Gambling.

St Casimir of Poland Patron Saint of Bachelors and Poland.

St Charles Borromeo Patron Saint of Catechists and Seminarians.

St Christian Demosthenes - Memorial is January 2.

St Christopher Patron Saint of Travelers and Motorist.

St Claude de la Colombiere Patron Saint of Toy Makers and Turners.

St Clement Patron Saint of Sailors and Sick Children.

St Columbanus Patron Saint of Against Floods and Motorcyclist.

St Columbkille Patron Saint of Scotland.

St Cornelius Patron Saint of Earache, Animals and Epilepsy.

St Cosmas & St Damian Patron Saint of Surgeons and Barbers.

St Damien of Molokai Patron Saint of People with Leprosy.

St Daniel Patron Saint of Prisoners.

St Daniel Comboni Patron Saint of - Memorial is 10 October.

St David of Wales Patron Saint of Dovers and Wales.

St Dennis or St Denis Patron Saint of Against Frenzy and Headaches.

St Dismas - Memorial is 25 March.

Divine Mercy

St Dominic De Guzman Patron Saint of Astronomers and Falsely Accused.

St Dominic Savio Patron Saint of Juvenile Delinquents.

St Drogo Patron Saint of Coffee Houses and Deaf People.

St Dunstan Patron Saint of Blacksmiths Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.
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