Luciano Cazzola

Another inspiring artist can be found in Luciano Cazzola. Born near Venice, Italy and orphaned at the age of 10, he was then sent to a religious school for the next 6 years. His family background of farming gave no indication that he would turn into a master sculptor. In his late teens and early 20's, Luciano's talent was recognized by two prominent sculptors of the time, Volta and Alessandro Maggioni. Both of these artists took him under their wing and his talents blossomed with Luciano showing a keen interest in the art form known as Capodimonte porcelain. Capodimonte figures show detailed craftsmanship, extreme high quality and uniqueness which to this day are desired worldwide. By his mid 20's his own unique pieces started appearing in local art galleries. Finally in 1975 Luciano founded his own studio with painter Sergio Traforetti. A few years later they added designer, Lino Gobbi to their team and in 1980 they formed their own company, Porcellane Principe. Their pieces were soon showing up all around the world - the Italian style of Capodimonte was alive and well and still is today. To this day, Luciano is making new pieces with many of them taking years to develop. He continually reviews each piece many times in his mind before eventually working on a clay original from which Sig. Gobbi makes individual molds for each piece. It's then Sig. Traforetti's turn to do the hand painting, using an array of brilliant colors to finish up the classical masterpiece but not before adding highlights of 24 carat gold paint.
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