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Nelson's Church-Sized Nativity w/Reaching Jesus Canvas Wall Art

Item# NWC-818
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks
Nelson Religious Christian Church-Sized Canvas Framed Art Pictures

This touching depiction of the Nativity by Lorenzo Lotto is available as a premium framed canvas in large sizes - perfect for your parish, office, school, or home! Painted in 1523 by the Venetian artist, this image shows the pure and pious parents of Jesus - Mary and Joseph - in adoration of God-made-flesh. The Christ Child in a basket of hay is reaching up to His parents amidst a rustic barnyard and three angels proclaiming His birth. Most unusual and unique about this image is the crucifix in the shadows - pointing to the reason Christ came, to save fallen humanity - and the mousetrap, on which the artist signed his name in the lower right corner.

Through this image, may our gratitude and love for God increase in the realization that Jesus came to redeem us.

Sizes Available: 30 x 40 - 36 x 48 - 45 x 60

These lovely wall art pieces are made to order please allow for 1-2 weeks in processing time before the item ships.
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