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Religious Index of Catholic Male Patron Saints Protectors and Namesakes U-Z

A Male Catholic Patron Saints are one who has been appoint by the Vatican as special guardian of a country, church, trade, person, etc. They are heroic figures that lived virtues lives despite the difficult circumstances they might have dealt with during their lives. There are hundreds of patron saints, protector and namesake that are great Christian role models for us today.

St Uriel the Archangel Patron Saint of Catholic Education.

St Valentine of Rome Patron Saint of Love.

St Viator of Bergamo Patron Saint of Catechists.

St Victor of Marseilles Patron Saint of Lightning and Millers.

St Vincent Ferrer Patron Saint of Construction Workers.

St Vincent De Paul Patron Saint of Charities and Caregivers.

St Vitus Patron Saint of Actors and Comedians.

St Walter of Pontnoise Patron Saint of POW's.

St Wenceslaus Patron Saint of Brewers.

St William of Rochester Patron Saint of Adopted Children.

St Wolfgang Patron Saint of Paralysis and Strokes.

St Zachary - Memorial Day is March 15th.
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