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Nelson's Gifts Hoffman Head of Jesus Christ Canvas Frame Wall Picture

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Nelson Fine Art and Christian Gifts

Hoffman Age 33 Head of Jesus Christ Canvas in Oval Frame Wall Picture

Available is three sizes: 8x10, 12x16 or 16x20.

This beautiful oval-framed canvas of Christ at 33 is a detail from "Christ and the Rich Young Ruler" by Heinrich Hoffman. Jesus is depicted in His humanity with a tender gaze. Order for your own home or send as a gift today!

This image comes as archival-quality giclée canvas in an oval gold frame.

Nelson framed canvases are second only to the original masterpieces themselves! Deluxe gold frames support our breathtaking giclée religious canvases. Giclee is a french word that means "sprayed ink," and it refers to our museum-quality printing process whereby 8 different colored inks combine to create millions of colors that are slowly sprayed into canvas material. This high-tech method of art reproduction offers the highest possible fidelity to the original work and results in a clear depiction with colors as good (or sometimes better) than the original painting. Under archival conditions, giclée canvases have a total color fidelity guarantee for 70-100 years.

For the faithful Catholic that wishes their sacred art to be blessed with holy water: canvases are sparingly water repellant, so while a typical blessing should not damage the canvas whatsoever, those who favor more robust uses of holy water should take caution near the art.

Our framed oval canvas comes as an archival-quality giclée canvas print in an oval gold frame, cast and assembled by hand in USA. This image captures the essence of this monumental work and will be an treasured piece of art in your home for years to come.
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