St Anastasia of Sirmium Patron Saint of Martyrs/Widows Jewelry & Gifts

St Anastasia of Sirmium is a Christian saint and marty who died at Sirmium. Saint Anastasia is the patron saint of Martyrs, Widows, Weavers, and those suffering from poison. Saint Anastasia memorial feast day is December 22nd. In the second mass on Christmas Day, Anastasia is given a special commemoration. There are many legends involving Saint Anastasia, but the only facts known are about her death. She sacrificed her life during Emperor Diocletian’s persecutions. St Anastasia Medals comes in sterling silver, gold-filled, gold/sterling, 14kt gold and is available in various sizes, from small charms to large medals. Religious saint medals are made in the USA by Bliss Manufacturing, Creed Jewelry, HMH Religious, Jeweled Cross, McVan Inc., and Singer Company.
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