St Barbara Patron Saint of Architects/Sudden Death Medals & Gifts

Saint Barbara was a Christian saint and martyr. Barbara was a beautiful maiden with an overly jealous father who made her stay in tower so none would see her beauty. She was taught the Faith and when her father learned of it, he beheaded her. A clap of thunder was then heard and her father was reduced to ashes. St Barbara is the patron saint of Sudden Death, Prisoners, Architects, Artillerymen, and Mathematicians. Saint Barbara memorial day/feast day is December 17. St Barbara Medals comes in sterling silver, gold-filled, gold over sterling, 14kt gold, pewter and silver-filled is available in various sizes, from small charms to large medals. St Barbara gifts includes; beaded necklaces, charm bangles, rosary bracelets, holy cards, key chains, auto visors and much more.
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