St Bridget of Sweden Patron Saint of Widows/Sweden Jewelry & Gifts

Saint Bridget of Sweden was a mystic, saint and the founder of the Bridgettines nuns and monks. Bridget was born to a wealthy landowner and was married to Prince Ulf Gudmarsson at the age of thirteen. She mothered eight children, one of which is Saint Catherine of Sweden, and was lady-in-waiting to the Queen. After the death of her husband, she turned to a life of religion, rejecting the title of princess. Saint Brigit of Ireland is the patron saint of Europe, Widows and Sweden. St Bridget of Sweden memorial feast day is July 23th. St Bridget of Sweden Medals comes in sterling silver, gold-filled, gold/sterling, 14kt gold and is available in various sizes, from small charms to large medals. Almost all religious saint medals are made in the USA by Bliss Manufacturing, Creed Jewelry, HMH Religious, Jeweled Cross, McVan Inc., and Singer Company.
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