St Dismas Jewelry & Gifts

Saint Dismas is one of the thieves crucified with Jesus, also known as Gestas; Dismas is the Good Thief, the one who rebuked the other, and asked for Christís blessing. St Dismas is the patron saint of condemned prisoners, death row prisoners, dying people, funeral directors, penitent criminals, prison chaplains, prisoners, prisoners on death row, prisons, reformed thieves, undertakers, Przemysl, Poland, and Archdiocese of Merizo, Guam. St Dismas memorial feast day is March 25th. Heavenly Divine sells a large variety of quality patron saint jewelry and gifts for your spiritual and inspirational gift giving. Catholic religious patron saint medals and necklaces come in pewter, sterling silver, gold-filled, silver-filled, gold over sterling, 14kt gold and are available in various sizes. All medals are made in the USA or Italy by Bliss Manufacture, Creed Jewelry, HMH Religious, Jeweled Cross, McVan Inc., and Singer Company.
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