HMH Religious Rosaries

All HMH Religious rosaries are made in the USA and come in a deluxe velour box. All HMH Religious rosaries have a Limited Lifetime Guarantee from defects in material and workmanship. Only the absolute finest material is used in the manufacturing of an HMH Religious Rosary! Only the finest premium grade “Argentium” Sterling Silver wire and chain make up the foundation of an HMH Religious American made Rosary. All of our Sterling Crystal Rosary is assembled using the World’s Fines Swarovski Crustal Beads for Austria. The Sterling Beads are also made of Argentium Sterling Silver which resists tarnishing far better that ordinary silver. Genuine Cocoa Bean Beads are used in our Argentium Sterling Silver Men’s Rosaries. Other Fine luxurious beads are used in HMH Religious Rosaries such as genuine precious gem stones, Venetian Glass Beads as well as many other hard to find rare and fascination material these produce an “Heirloom” quality “Tool of Prayer” that can be used and cherished for many years to come!
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