Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart Prayer

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart

Jesus, ever present on our altars, we cast ourselves

at your feet, Overcome with sorrow at the sight

of the ingratitude which afflicts your heart.

Look on us, laden down with our own sins and

with the sins of all humankind, so that by this

homage, we may offer you acceptable atonement and

reparation. Have mercy on us, O Jesus. From the

Cross you forgave your executioner; pardon us also.

Listen to the pleadings of your Sacred Heart, and

our sins will be consumed in its love.

With the fire of you love, O Jesus, destroy in us

all that is displeasing To you and implant in

our hearts sentiments that will appease your

Justice. Sacred Heart of Jesus, be the salvation

of all Christians, the safeguard Of those who have

recourse to you, and the refuge of service, so

that we may finally share in the inheritance you

have reserved for those who love you. Amen,
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