Prayers to the Holy Angels

A Prayer for Intercession, to the Holy Angels

Bless the Lord, all you His angels. You who are mighty in strength and do His will, intercede for me at the throne of God. By your unceasing watchfulness, protect me in every danger of soul and body. Obtain for me the grace of final perseverance, so that after this life I may be admnitted to your glorious company and with you may sing the praises of God for all eternity. All you holy angels and archangels, thrones and dominations, principalities and powers and virtues of heaven, cherubim and seraphim, and especially you, my dear guardian angel, intercede for me and obtain for me the special favor I now ask (mention your intention).

A Call to the Holy Angels, for Help the Souls in Purgatory

Jesus, Our Lord, You spent the night before Your Passion on the Mount of Olives, in the Garden of Gethsemane. In front of Your eyes You saw all the sins of the world--a burden which crushed You and which pressed blood out through Your pores. The apostles slept and did not have the strength to keep watch with You during this hardest of hours. Only Your heavenly Father was moved and sent an angel in order to console and strengthen You during Your mortal anguish. Lord, see our brothers and sisters in Purgatory. They suffer more than a human can while here on earth and You wish us to be merciful toward their anguish and distress. You give us the chance to do something for them, to keep watch with them, to pray for them, to make an offering on their behalf; but most of all, we can bring them the Holy Mass. Yes, we may even send our Guardian Angel so that he may in the Power of Your Blood console and strengthen them. How merciful God was with His Son on the Mount of Olives, and in this way He wishes us also to be merciful toward the suffering Church in Purgatory. Jesus, remember Your loneliness on the Mount of Olives. Remember how much good it did for You when the Angel of Your heavenly Father strengthened and supported You. Teach us to be as merciful and supportive as Your Father, and fill the Poor Souls with the same consolation, which You received on the Mount of Olives. Mary, Queen of the Angels, have mercy toward your suffering children in Purgatory. Send them your angels to help them. Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Gabriel the Archangel, Saint Raphael the Archangel, you nine choirs of Holy Angels, you Seraphim and Cherubim, you Thrones and Dominations, Princes and Powers, you Archangels and Angels, we pray, in the Name of God and in the name of your Queen, our heavenly Mother Mary, go quickly and help our brothers and sisters in Purgatory. They suffer great anguish, they thirst for the Eternal God more than the stag thirsts for a spring's water. Strengthen them and lead them further on the path to heavenly Fatherland. Amen.

A Prayer to the Holy Angels, for Protection of Our Roman Catholic Church

All you legions and choirs of Angels, please make haste to come to the aid and defense of our One Holy Roman Catholic Church. Led by St. Michael, may She be protected from destruction within by all modernistic attempts that try to diminish the true presence of God and take away His proper and due respect! In particular, come to the aid of my parish (name your parish) that it may remain or be remade to be a place of reverence and a stronghold from which the One True Triune God may continue to lead and strengthen us. Amen.

A Prayer to the Holy Angels, for Protection from Ourselves

Protect us from ourselves, from our own cowardice and tepidity, from our self-seeking and avarice, from our envy and mistrust, from our craving for satiation, comfort and recognition, free us from the bonds of sin and attachment to worldly things, take from our eyes the blindfold we ourselves have put over them so that we need not see the misery around us, but can complacently think about and pity ourselves. Set the road of holy restlessness for God in our hearts so that we do not cease to seek God with longing, contrition, and love!

Seek in us the Precious Blood of Our Lord which was shed for our sake. Seek in us the poor, faded, ruined image of God, after which God once formed us in love! Help us to know and adore God, to love and to serve Him. Help us in the battle with the powers of darkness that insidiously stalk and oppress us. Help us so that none of us may be lost, but that rejoicing, we may one day be united in eternal happiness. Amen.

A Prayer to the Holy Angels, for Deliverance from Sorrow

Unworthy as we are, we pray to thee, O leaders of the heavenly hosts, to cover us by thy prayers with the protection of the wings of thine immaterial glory, preserving us who come to thee and earnestly cry, "Deliver us from sorrows, O chiefs of the powers above."

A Prayer to the Holy Angels, for Protection of Travelers

Almighty and merciful God, Who has commissioned O Thy angels to guide and protect us, command them to be our assiduous companions from our setting out until our return; to clothe us with their invisible protection; to keep from us all danger of collision, of fire, of explosion, of falls and bruises; and finally, having preserved us from of all evil, and especially from sin, to guide us to our heavenly home. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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