St Joan of Arc Military Prayer Rosaries

All our handmade St Joan of Arc patron saint US Military rosaries are available in either silver-plated, sterling silver, 14kt gold or gold-filled. We carry a selection of service centerpieces to choose from; Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine, National Guard, Navy and Paratrooper Medals. Our Catholic faithful prayer beads are made in the USA by Bliss Manufacturing. All of our Christian jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee against breakage and tarnishing.

England controlled most of the land that is now France in the early 1400s. At this time, Joan of Arc was a farm girl who was appointed by Saints Margaret of Antioch, Michael the Archangel, and Catherine of Alexandria to find the true king of France. She led an army to defend France, and when she was captured the new King Charles made no move to rescue her. She was burned at the stake after being accused of witchcraft. St Joan of Arc is the patron saint for France, servicewomen, soldiers, virgins, altar servers, mass servers, and youth. Saint Joan of Arc memorial feast day is May 30th.
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