St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael Prayers

A Prayer to the Holy Archangel‘s Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, do battle for the Church of God

Most Holy Trinity, I thank Thee for having formed the hosts of Thy ministers in Heaven so marvelously, and for having adorned their leader so magnificently. Be Thou adored and loved in the beauty and grandeur of Thy ministers: be Thou praised in their jubilant songs of praise and thanksgiving, through all eternity. Amen.

O holy princes of Heaven, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, I praise you for the love with which the Most High has loved you and placed you so near to His own throne. Be mindful of our necessities, and at the head of the Holy Angels, do battle for the Church of God upon earth, that Satan may be forced to yield ever more, and the Kingdom of light and grace, virtue and the holy love of God, may flourish in splendor, and its beauty be acknowledged by all.


A Prayer to the Holy Archangel‘s Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, O God send the Archangels

O God, send the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, & Raphael to our assistance. May they who stand forever praising You at Your throne present our humble petitions before You. May they be our safeguard in times of trouble and temptation. May they defend our country from attack. May they tirelessly work to end abortion and all the sins against life in the world. May these powerful angels help to assure the leaders of our country follow You first in all things. And may they help to strengthen our Holy Catholic Church and draw others to this vessel of the Way and the Truth and the Life. We ask this through Christ our Lord in unity with You and the Holy Ghost, one God, world without end.


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